VoiceFactory : therapy & wellness

People come to us for therapy & wellness because:

- they want to improve their voice and/or attitude
- they want to get an idea on who they are through knowledge on how breathing, voice and body work
- they want to improve their self-confidence
- they have need of breathing training and relaxation exercises
- they realise that breathing, attitude, voice, our physical and psychological well-being are linked with each other
- they know they will find supporting treatments concerning colour or aroma therapies, massages, colour sauna and conversation therapy

When there are serious health or voice problems, it is important to get the advice of a general practitioner or a specialist first. With the approval of the customer, information can be exchanged. These therapies are complementarily and can NEVER replace the treatment by a doctor, psychologist, physiotheriapist, osteopath, etc…




Sports clubs & athletes

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