Age-long people have been fascinated by one of our most powerful weapons: the human voice. The warm, soothing sounds of a loving mother, the firm tone of a strict father, the nasal, fretful voice of a dull teacher, the tempting voice of one or other youth love….


A lot of professions ask for a better control of voice and body. People work in larger spaces, rooms with bad acoustics, noisy surroundings and have to make use of of the latest technical equipment. They regularly have video- and phone conferences, ....

What do we do
- people who want to obtain more from their voice, who want to sound more convincing or different
- people who want to know more about the link between voice, attitude and breathing
- anyone who wants to know more about themselves by using voice and body
- theatre and dance companies
- drama schools, academies of dance, conservatories and training programs for the Performing Arts
- actors, singers, announcers, dancers and performers
- singer-songwriters
- ...
- ...

Target groups
GERT TERNY is a man of many interests. He has two big passions: the first one is the functioning of the voice and the human body, his second one is theatre. He studied acting at drama school and kinetics at the ‘Lea Daan School of Dance’. His eagerness to know

Who are we
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