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From January 16th until the 27th of February we'll be teaching at the International Institute of Performing Arts in London. This is a musical internship with teachers of the Royal Academy, amongst others, Mary Hammond, Graham Godfrey, Nina Finburgh and Sam Kenyon.

From January 19th until the 30th 2009 we will be teaching Lessac voice - & bodywork for actors and singers (in French and English) at the 'International Institute of Performing Arts' in Paris (60hrs)
More info: aurelianolin[@]aol.com or info[@v]oicefactory.be

In Antwerpen we start from November 15th with a training in acting in 25 lessons, based on the methods of Lessac and Meisner.

A lot of professions ask for a better control of voice and body. People work in larger spaces, rooms with bad acoustics, noisy surroundings and have to make use of of the latest technical equipment. They regularly have video- and phone conferences, ....

What do we do

Last january Gert has been invited to lecture and give workshops at the School of Theatre at Penn State University (USA) and at the post-academic training in speechtherapy at the Hogeschool Utrecht in collaboration with the Duth VoiceFoundation.

In February he will also enact speeches by Goebbels and Mandela the first performances of ‘ A Dangerous Game? Manipulation and Emotion’ , music will be performed by ‘Het Nostalgisch Verzet’ and Knack-magazine’s women of the year Suzanne Van Well will be a central guest. This show is ment for theatres, schools and companies and can be combined with debates and workshops on manipalution and emotion, communication and understanding, public speaking etc.

Read the article "Working the Voice" by GERT TERNY for the Newsletter of the International Centre for Voice, vol. 4, issue 05, Summer 2006.

Working the Voice
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