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'Gert is a rare, natural talent, a born leader and innovative thinker’.
Arthur Lessac, prof.em. Suny University, head of Acting and Voice Lincoln Repertory Company, founder of the Lessacinstitute, one of the foremost voice-, movement- and theatrecoaches in the world.

‘Mr. Terny is deeply versed with this training and has, in fact, been able to apply it with actors, singers and dancers, and also with therapists, businesspeople, translators and interpreters, people with disabilities, people with vocal dysfunctions and with children. He is considered one of the top teachers of this work in the world.’
Deborah Kinghorn, Head Faculty of Drama and Dance University of New Hampshire, coach a.o. to Vanessa Redgrave.


Other customers are: o.a. Electrabel, Mobistar, de Krijgsmacht, Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, MUHKA Antwerpen, Middelheimmuseum Antwerpen, Jenevermuseum Hasselt, Docentenkorps Faculteit Rechten Universtiteit Antwerpen, Hogeschool Groep-T Leuven, Open Doek, opleiding docenten Danspunt, Puratos, Post Akademische Vorming stemgebruik en – remediëring, Faculteit Geneeskunde Universiteit Antwerpen, Faculteit Logopedie Hogeschool en Universiteit Utrecht, Het Nederlands Zangverbond, ACLVB-Werknemerswelzijn, Faculteit Theater en Media Penn State University USA, Faculteit Theater Depauw University Indiana USA, Jeugd en Muziek,….


‘Gert Terny is one of the foremost practitioners of the Lessac Kinesensic Voice- and Body Training. I was a member of the team through which Gert learned this very comprehensive body of work. I have been privileged to watch him grow in his craft and knowledge from interested participant to skilled teacher himself. I would highly recommend VoiceFactory and the European Lessac Centre for anyone interested in voice-, body- and communicationtraining.’
Nancy Krebs, Emmy Award Winning Actress and Singer, teacher Baltimore School for the Arts.

‘As we were working together I noticed Gert creating enthusiasm in his clients. He is a motivated innovator within his field and is just a great all-around person’.
Crystal Robbins, actress, Theatre Arts Professor, Santa Monica College.

‘Gert Terny is one the most innovative coaches in the field’.
Robert Lunte, European Helicon Voice Council.


'‘Gert is an enthousiast coach, with an ear to lend and speaking-tips to make you feel the best’.
Tinne Vandeven, ir. architect.

‘Gert is a very good listener and fun to work with’.
Kaat Exterbile, Strategic Futurist.


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