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Because we are eager to know about the past and the present and because we want to build on the future, VoiceFactory also ventures on research. We want to exchange experience with everyone who is active in the same fields, or those who also work with topics like 'voice and attitude', 'presence and psyche', ‘language and speaking attitude', 'sounds', 'speaking and moving', …. We think of actors, singers, stage managers, dancers, osteopaths, doctors, speech trainers, teachers, architects, stylists, researchers, theatre scientists ….



GERT TERNY is a man of many interests. He has two big passions: the first one is the functioning of the voice and the human body, his second one is theatre. He studied acting at drama school and kinetics at the ‘Lea Daan School of Dance’. His eagerness to know ...

Who are we

VoiceFactory vzw, Bisschoppenhoflaan 151, 2100 Antwerpen, Belgium - tel.: +32/(0)476/86.58.07 - info[at]voicefactory.be