VoiceFactory : actors
Actors appeal come to us because:

- they need voice training
- they have TV and film experience but now they have to prepare for theatre work or the other way round
- they always play in small auditoriums and now suddenly they have to play in a large theatre or in open air
- they have to speak a lot and move at the same time and they do not know where to get their breath and the volume to sound natural
- they work on a difficult text and their voice has to give counterweight
- their voice and body seem to live their own life
- they do not know how they can survive the physical and vocal extremities of their character
- their character shows a totally different pattern of speaking
- they want to prepare for an audition

TV- and filmproduction companies, announcers

Dancers- and movement artists,
singers and singer-songwriters

Theater companies and directors

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